Sara and I (Anna got sick and couldn’t come with!) visited Moonbot Studios and had the honour of meeting the lovey Sara Hebert and William Joyce.

We were very lucky to see some very exciting projects in pre-production, an animatic and even got to hold the Oscar Mr. Joyce won for the Fantastic Flying Books of Mr. Morris Lessmore. Not only that but we also got a sneak peak from the upcoming Jack Frost picture book- which will not come out but until much later. I can only say the wait will be worth it, and I’ll be excited to see all of your reactions to the beautiful illustrations and story, I know I could hardly contain my excitement.

The studio itself is a dream. Very friendly environment and filled with colors and artwork everywhere you looked. This is what I imagined a studio to be like, and then more.

Mr. Joyce is a very genuine man, kind and truly passionate about what he does. Even though he was clearly busy, he made time to see us and was very excited to see the progress we brought him on the Book of Belief- which we can hardly wait to show you as well! Mr. Joyce appreciates everyone’s enthusiasm for the book series and the movie and was moved by the work we’ve all done so far. It made a difference to him and that’s what mattered the most.

As a parting gift, we each received a signed copy of the Sandman book, and a beautiful 24x24 Man in The Moon picture book. A truly fun day.

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