OoC: Guardians of Childhood Animatic


Would you rather I post what I have now or wait another month to see the whole thing?

The animatic is about 5 minutes long but I only have 2-3 so far. Pitch and the heroic moonbeam will be in the first part. Nightlight will be on the second half.
Everything’s roughed out for the second part but I don’t have time to clean it with finals and all…

So, what will it be?

Is that Jack and his sister, you say?

  1. stickydoona answered: i will patiently wait because I know this is gonna be AWESOME
  2. a-little-harmed-shinra answered: I can wait. Focus on your finals.
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  4. sakurasapprentice answered: Personally, I’d rather wait and see the full thing. I’m sure it’ll be amazing!
  5. origin-of-frost answered: I think you should post it now for a preview to drive your fans crazy, then post the whole later so we can all die of happiness. XD
  6. the-flower-maiden answered: I wouldn’t mind waiting another month. Take your time. :)
  7. lendawesome answered: The whole 5 minutes would be better as to avoid spoilers xD though I do want to know if those two are Jack and his Sis~
  8. coolcat38 answered: Post it when it’s finished!
  9. saltnsweet answered: You’re doing an animatic? That’s so cool! I think I’d rather wait for the whole thing. After all, good things come to those who wait^^
  10. hellopartypeoples answered: …..*internally screaming* I am composed (Now I’m not) We can wait! We want to see all the epicness in one go! Wait til it’s done pwease!
  11. happyless answered: wait foe the whole thing
  12. nose-nippin-fun answered: ((Must see nooooowwww *grabby hands*))
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    I say we shall wait until you finish :)
  15. xeshirefm0 answered: I would rather wait! sure, i’m super excited, but I think waiting’s part of the fun! no pun intended… or was it?
  16. shikai-of-the-4th-world answered: NOW
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