pooka-dragon asked:

What gave you the inspiration to make Jack Frost as the Winter Prince? Did it just came to your mind or did someone or something give you the inspiration?

the-guardian-of-fun answered:

I love designing clothes and I follow at least 30 different fashion blogs. From haute couture (all those beautiful runway lines) and period clothing to street and fantasy fashion like apocalyptic and steampunk fashion. I have a couple of Alexander McQueen’s books, too and that helped with Toothiana’s Ballroom gown… but that’s a reply for another ask~

The design for Winter Prince goes back to December 25th, 2012. I wanted to give Jack something less simple to wear, something that stands out more? Don’t get me wrong, I like the simplicity of his design, it fits his carefree character. This was me having extra time and loving a character that I became too attached to.

The first designs were more so tiny sketches:
ONE. As you can se, I wanted something warm looking and big enough to be comfortable and easy to move in. Still verging on simple but more stylish.

TWO. This is when the very first sign of the final WP design began to show. As you can already tell, I love cloak-like hoods and lapels and side buttons. This was a mix of street fashion and a soldier’s uniform, hence why I gave him the high collar.

THREE. Of course, since I loved the previous design, I had to start from scratch and keep working on other designs that I wold potentially like. This one made the third cut. I thought it’d be cool to pronounce the hermit-like Jack (is that even a term?) This is after seeing some concept designs for Jack online and I noticed how most of the time he’d be drawn with distressed clothes from, I imagine, playing outside and generally being outdoors. I’m of hispanic background and ponchos are a thing and also something I find both casual and fashionable, like scarves.
Some leather belts and pants (it seemed like a good idea at the time) and a simple, long sleeved, grey undershirt and boom.

Of course I wasn’t happy with it, even though I liked it.

FOUR. After stumbling on some apocalyptic fashion blogs, I came across some interesting traces and silhouettes that further helped me inspire the look. This would become the preliminary drawing of the Winter Prince design. Granted, back then I didn’t refer to him by that term nor did I have plans to give Jack any new outfit that would stick. I was just having fun with the possibilities of design.
I wanted to keep some of the more iconic parts of Jack’s design (staff and the string thingies on his calves.)
This is where sketchexperiement comes to play. She giggled and said he looked like a king and resumed in calling him all sorts of royal names- it was the ice throne…- Back then these images of Brent Christensen’s Ice Castles, were making rounds on tumblr. When I made this post, I began calling him Winter Prince and it just… stuck.

FIVE. After a couple of drawings, I was still unhappy with the design. Since the term Winter Prince was coined and my followers began drawing beautiful fanart, I thought maybe it was time to take this design on a more ‘princely’ tone. I stopped adding designs on his staff and toned it down to the original (its such an iconic symbol for Jack, it doesn’t need any refurbishing) and instead of the gloves with the repetitive pattern on his calves, I gave him arm covers and Lady Gaga gloves.

The CROWN: Since my design was now ‘Winter Prince’ I thought, well, why not go all the way? I didn’t want to stick with circlets or the typical medieval silhouette of the crown and instead turned my attention to the Roman Laurel. This was the first design. It represents power, victory and… well it’s also cool looking. An ice crown enchanted to never melt. Where did the crown come from? THAT’S a different story, but long story short, it was given to him by my version of Old Man Winter, who was the previous owner.

SIX. This wasn’t so much a redesign than a different take on the WP outfit to fit the Jule Ball on tumblr. Since an escort usually carries an item/accessory that matches their date, Sophiefarts was brilliant and matched their colours to that of an aurora borealis.

SEVEN. While developing the character and different Universe Alterations to the RotG story with Pooka-Curse, WP’s staff was destroyed in a battle with Old Man Winter. This drawing is supposed to be the moment he falls defeated after Jack tried to block Oden’s power and it proved too much for his staff, exploding into pieces. This is a terrible excuse of me to change up his design after such a crucial moment, and redesign his staff to make him stand out against the sudden influx of the different royal design Jack Frosts that sprouted in the fandom.

EIGHT. The previous moment brings us to a AU story of a grim future in which the world has frozen over and humanity has been pushed to the brink of extinction and the only ones there to protect them, are the Guardians. Jack’s staff was never put together/healed and instead was given part of Jokul’s to channel/ground is powers. Since this is still a work in progress, I’ll keep some of the details to myself, since I’ll probably keep designing this outfit until I’m happy with it. His staff, however is no bigger than a baton. While not in use, he straps it to his back (hence the belts) and unsheathes it out like a sword, twirls it in his hands (because I’m a sucker for transformation scenes) and when he slams it on the ground, Ice grows on either side in shape of his old staff.

Too much? Yeah, I though so… oh well!

As you can see, this design is already over a year old and is constantly in the works but it’s lead me to some of the more creative times during such busy moments. I’m very proud of this and lucky to have been noticed by the many fans who continuously draw fanart and make their own versions of my design. I would have never imagined anything like this.

I hope this answer was fun to read and clears many questions!
EDIT 08/27/2014

NINE. I’ve been asked for a version of WP if he were to be genderbent/female. At first I was a bit unsure of tackling this but like everything, eventually I warmed up to the idea. I wanted to keep some of the more ‘iconic’ WP pieces like the colors and the arm warmers. I admit this design was also inspired by Elsa’s clothes but while this is the first look, it’s definitely not the final.

TEN. The finalized look for the masquerade outfit. I wanted to make him look like Nightlight and also to wear Jokul’s colors, while Jokul wore Jack’s. I ended up doing something more different than I intended but I loved it in the end.

I updated it with the two newest designs!

Anonymous asked:

Hi ! Hey I've always wondering, how did you have the idea of Winter Prince Jack and how did you find his "design" ? (He's absolutely beautiful by the way. Gods, I love the way you draw Jack, Pitch, everyone else, everything else, your style is amazing <3 Do you mind if I metaphorically hug you :3 ?) Have a nice shiny day, or a splendid dark night and keep draw amazing things :) !

There’s a massive post about it HERE! And sure, I love virtual hugs~
Which reminds me, I need to update that Winter Prince Chronilogical designs since I have a couple more to add!

In a nutshell, the Winter Prince became something from me having fun redesigning character’s looks and clothes. It took a life of its own and people embraced it very well! It makes me so happy to see my designs liked.

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I don’t have time for this! But guys! Guys!

Mayan Goddess Toothiana Y/Y?

UUUUUUUUUUUUGH I HAVE A MIGHTY NEED TO DESIGN HER! Her feathers are similar to that of a quetzal bird and dhhdhkfdhjddufxbravjodg Quetzalcoatl!Tooth, or Coatlicue!tooth or or!!

I need to sleep it’s 5am…