shine-bright-nightlight was the only who offered a good spot to meet 8D

"There is an area between the con buildings (You take that odd escalator to get up the big stairs) and there is a nice open area. That would be a good place!

It’ll be right outside between halls C and D. You have to go up an escalator and it’s outside. You should be able to get to it without a badge.”



** HTTYD Meetup will be held on Saturday (07/26) but I’m not in charge of that one, so please don’t contact me in regards to it**

I will be arriving to the con at around 1-2pm on thursday because of traffic, so I will not be around in my booth until then.

As you guys probably know, I will be attending Comic Con to accompany hicstreme because she’s awesome and she’s a guest artist.

Her editor was very sweet and gave me the opportunity to set up shop at the booth.

I have very little time left to prepare, but I’ll be taking some prints with me and will be taking commissions.

I have no idea what to expect since it’s my first comic con, but I’m still excited! I hope to see you there!

Thank you for joining me at the livestream!
These are the sketches I came up with that hour. I think I’ll finish #3 since it has the most fun silhouette <3

The finished drawing will be given out (postcards) as a gift during the San Diego Comic Con RoTG Meetup on Friday! We have yet to decide on a time but we’ll let you know.

Keep track of the tag: ROTG SDCC MEETUP

crystalkat359 asked:

hiya! I really like and admire your artwork on tumblr and I was watching your live stream for a commission yesterday for a little while and this song came on I think around about after Perry's "Dark Horse". lol silly question but do you remember what the flute instrumental song was that played? for some reason its driving me crazy because I know I've heard it somewhere before, might have been a game and I just can't remember :P

Hello! Thanks for coming on to my Livestream, I always enjoy you guy’s company. Makes work less taxing.
Well, lucky for you, I still have the playlist I used for that livestream and the only song like that is this one:

It’s Fi’s Theme from Skyward Sword. I hope that’s what you were looking for!

hannahdalaba asked:

I have no idea if your still running this blog or not but I am absolutely in love with your art! I have alot of your winter prince arworks saved onto my phone! You are absolutey an amazing artist!

Thank you so much for your kind words, it’s made my night!
I do still run the blog even if I may be busier these days. Thanks for keeping up with my art and the Winter Prince!